Junk Removal Services in Benbrook, TX

Benbrook isn’t far from Fort Worth, and as a result, we aren’t far from you, either. When you need to say goodbye to any kind of junk, just contact Junk Geeks, and we’ll be there soon to clean up your clutter.


When you’re rolling down the road and you start seeing the water towers, that’s how you know you’re back in good ol’ Benbrook, TX. However, if mounds of junk are blocking your view, then your hometown can start looking more like a dump. At Junk Geeks, we proudly provide junk removal services in Benbrook, TX to anyone who needs our assistance! Give us a call to finally get rid of all the junk you’ve been putting off!

Why Our Junk Pick Up in Benbrook, TX?

Are you struggling with a single unwanted item that’s too large for you to carry? Or are you dealing with a seemingly endless stream of junk that would take you all day to offload? Just know there is no job too big or too small for Junk Geeks. In fact, we can ensure that you’ll pay a fair price regardless of the size of the project, too. Let’s get started today!

Very few people have complete faith in their local trash collection service. Chances are, you’ve been left disappointed after discovering your collection bin was skipped over. Another problem is that, sometimes, you won’t have the time or energy to get your unwanted things out to the street. This is especially true when you need to get rid of something extremely heavy, such as a broken appliance. Fortunately, there’s no need to resort to do-it-yourself removal. Our junk removal services are the best way to say goodbye to any kind of junk at any kind of property!

What is the Cost of Junk Removal in Benbrook?

Junk Geeks can complete a junk removal project much faster than a lone individual could. Additionally, we provide our services at a more affordable rate than anyone as well! We’ll do all that hard work for a price that you can get behind! Our junk removal cost is simply based on the volume of junk we take off your hands. In other words, you’ll pay a price that correlates with the amount of truck space your unwanted items take up.

From boxes and bins to bagged trash and even carpets, electronics, kitchenware, and old decorations, we  haul junk away from your Benbrook, TX property without ever dragging our feet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house, office, warehouse, or apartment. We will do whatever it takes to make you smile! However, we can’t accomplish this mission unless you schedule an appointment with us first. So, how do you get started? It’s actually quite simple. Contact us online to let us know you need our junk removal services in Benbrook, TX right away. You can even call us at 817-779-3267!

Our Benbrook Junk Removal Process

    1. When you first schedule your appointment, we will provide you with a 2-hour arrival window. You can always expect us to be at your Benbrook, TX property during this timeframe.
    2. Please let us know about all your unwanted things at the beginning of your appointment. Then, approve our upfront service quote, and we will start hauling away your junk.
    3. You won’t have to lift a finger during your appointment. While we load up our truck, feel free to do something else with your time, such as cook a meal or watch a TV show.
    4. Once we’ve removed all the junk from your property, swept up behind ourselves, and double-checked our work, we’ll accept your payment and head to our next destination.

Light Demolition Services in Benbrook, TX

Most unwanted things can be picked up and hauled away. However, what if your “unwanted thing” is actually a small structure? It could be that you have a rotting deck, a deteriorating shed, or an old playset that needs to get going. Well, removing these structures will require light demolition, and fortunately for you, that’s just another one of our services here at Junk Geeks. We have all the tools and protective equipment we need to bring down any unwanted small structure in a timely manner. What’s more, we’ll clean up the debris for you as well. By the time we’ve finished our work, there will be zero evidence that there was ever a structure there in the first place.

About Us

The Dallas and Fort Worth Area loves Junk Geeks! You might be wondering how we earned our five-star status. Well, it’s actually quite simple. By putting our customers first, we ensure that everyone is satisfied. Looking for friendly experts that work fast for a fair price? You just found them. Our full-service team is all about combining speed and value to make you as happy as possible. You’ll especially appreciate all the new free space we open for you, too!

  • review rating

    These guys were amazing. So very nice, professional, and knew what they were doing. Let us know when they would arrive and once here did an amazing job getting all of our junk loaded and hauled away. The price was fair and their service was top notch. Cannot recommend them higher.

    Jeff Spivey
  • review rating

    They were very nice and professional. They came very quickly and started immediately after I agreed to the quoted price. I really appreciated them checking with me periodically to make sure they were only removing the items I did not want. It was very apparent that customer service is important to this company. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

    Kia Thompson
  • review rating

    I’ve never used a junk removal service before, but I’m sure glad I used the services of the Junk Geeks. They were timely, efficient and professional. The entire process was seemless and the price was very fair. I would highly recommend them for my next project and yours. You won’t regret it!

    Micah A.
  • review rating

    Great experience, came on time and took care of business. I wasn’t available to be home at the time of service and it wasn’t a problem. Came cleaned up sent me photos of everything being done and complete. Invoice was sent electronically and was able to pay for the service online. Completely seemless experience thank again for the great job.

    Marvin Rivera
  • review rating

    I had an old shed that I couldn’t get rid of that was unsafe. I called and they had same day service!
    The young men were professional and extremely thorough. 10 stars!!!!
    Now my granddaughters can play in a clean and safe backyard.

    Nicole Williamson
  • review rating

    They were great! We got quoted, scheduled and serviced in less than 24 hours during the holidays – can’t ask for better than that. The guys were friendly and professional, we will definitely be using them again.

    Laura Sargent
  • review rating

    The team was very professional and arrived on schedule. They completed the job very quickly and even took additional items that weren’t originally planned! The price was better than many others. I definitely recommend them and will use them again!

    Ladionna Bryant
  • review rating

    I contacted this company to remove over a yard of dirt from my driveway. Both of the workers were professional and did a good job. The job was challenging but they got it done! Great job!!

    Jeff Lee
  • review rating

    Im grateful I chose this company. They were friendly and super helful! Definitely exceeded my expectations. Would absolutely use them again!

    Nicole Starks
  • review rating

    Crandalle was wonderful and accommodating. They were able to complete a job the same day as I am closing on my home in a couple of days. Couldnt be more happy and will use their services again. Thanks a bunch.

    A Yahia Almuhtadi


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