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Removing fence posts and other fence materials can be a job that’s easier said than done. Because of this, why not contact Junk Geeks for the help you need? We have removed many fences before, so we’ve got the experience required for this line of work!

Expert Fence Removal Services in the DFW Area

If pulling out fence posts all day isn’t your idea of fun, then maybe you should let our experts do the work for you. Removing old fence posts is no problem for us because we are junk removal and demolition pros. When you need our services in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, we’re always there on time, ready to get some serious work done! It might surprise you how quickly your fence will vanish when our team is on the job!

Why Our Fence Removal Services?

In a worst-case scenario, fence removal can result in personal injury. It’s just something that happens from time to time, but it’s also something that can be mitigated. Because of this, you’ll want to choose a team that has plenty of experience so these worst-case scenarios don’t happen. On top of this, you’ll want to choose a team that also has complete insurance. At Junk Geeks, we know how to steer clear of sticky situations, and we’re also fully insured in case something, somehow went wrong. This gives you so much less to worry about!

There isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to your fence. In addition to wooden fence removal, we are also capable of removing chain link fence, disassembling iron bar fences, and so much more. Whatever material your fence is made of, we want to remove it! Contact us today and tell us more about your fence, then get a free estimate for the job before we’re even there in person.

What Does it Cost?

For a fence removal cost that is affordable, you’ll want to opt for Junk Geeks because our pricing keeps things fair. Not only do we provide you with an upfront service quote, but when you agree to this quote, we’ll lock that price in. That way, you’ll pay the same amount you agreed to earlier—no hidden fees attached. Remove fences without removing all the cash from your wallet!

Our services are available six days a week in an effort to keep our communities beautiful and clean. When your fence starts to look like it belongs in a post apocalyptic world, Junk Geeks will happily remove it and dispose of the remnants properly. However, if you want us to be at your service, you’ll have to schedule that service! The good news is that it’s easy to book an appointment. All you have to do is contact us online or call us at 817-779-3267, then let us know about the fence that has to go. We will be there soon so you can get rid of it for good!

Our Fence Removal Process

  1. Firstly, we’ll arrive on time with all the tools we’ll need for fence removal, including protective wear, hammers, saws, and more.
  2. Accept our upfront quote so we can begin planning the fence demolition. Then, once we’ve got a plan, we’ll act on it.
  3. We’ll remove the fence by whatever means necessary, but above all else, we’ll take caution to ensure there are zero accidents.
  4. Finally, after we’ve loaded the fence debris onto our truck, we’ll accept your payment so we can get out of your hair!

How We Remove a Wood Post from a Concrete Slab

Some fence posts are sturdier than others, and this is especially true when they’re reinforced by concrete slabs. It takes more than simple efforts to remove concrete, but Junk Geeks knows how to get it done. We’ll bring the right equipment for concrete removal, which in many cases will be as simple as protective wear and a sledgehammer. However, not all concrete was created equal, and some concrete removal jobs will require more specialized equipment. Rest assured that we have more sophisticated tools such as diamond blade saws if your concrete requires a clean cut or some other form of extra effort.

Once we’ve gotten into the rhythm of fence post and concrete removal, you’ll discover that we can actually work pretty fast. We’ll crack through that concrete, clean up the pieces, and hoist the fence post up and away. Then, we’ll repeat those steps with each instance of concrete until it’s all done. Finally, once the project is complete, we’ll take all the debris to a local disposal site.

About Us

When you need someone with brains to sort out a junk removal problem, you have to get in touch with Junk Geeks. We’re complete nerds when it comes to cleaning up messes, but don’t worry, because we’re friendly nerds! We’ll treat you with plenty of respect during your appointment. Furthermore, we’ll work quickly and give you our all for a pretty good price. Since we’re a local business, we keep your cash in our economy instead of sending it out of state. By supporting us, you won’t just get rid of your unwanted fence—you’ll make an investment in a local business that cares.

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  • review rating

    These guys were amazing. So very nice, professional, and knew what they were doing. Let us know when they would arrive and once here did an amazing job getting all of our junk loaded and hauled away. The price was fair and their service was top notch. Cannot recommend them higher.

    Jeff Spivey
  • review rating

    They were very nice and professional. They came very quickly and started immediately after I agreed to the quoted price. I really appreciated them checking with me periodically to make sure they were only removing the items I did not want. It was very apparent that customer service is important to this company. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

    Kia Thompson
  • review rating

    I’ve never used a junk removal service before, but I’m sure glad I used the services of the Junk Geeks. They were timely, efficient and professional. The entire process was seemless and the price was very fair. I would highly recommend them for my next project and yours. You won’t regret it!

    Micah A.
  • review rating

    Great experience, came on time and took care of business. I wasn’t available to be home at the time of service and it wasn’t a problem. Came cleaned up sent me photos of everything being done and complete. Invoice was sent electronically and was able to pay for the service online. Completely seemless experience thank again for the great job.

    Marvin Rivera
  • review rating

    I had an old shed that I couldn’t get rid of that was unsafe. I called and they had same day service!
    The young men were professional and extremely thorough. 10 stars!!!!
    Now my granddaughters can play in a clean and safe backyard.

    Nicole Williamson
  • review rating

    They were great! We got quoted, scheduled and serviced in less than 24 hours during the holidays – can’t ask for better than that. The guys were friendly and professional, we will definitely be using them again.

    Laura Sargent
  • review rating

    The team was very professional and arrived on schedule. They completed the job very quickly and even took additional items that weren’t originally planned! The price was better than many others. I definitely recommend them and will use them again!

    Ladionna Bryant
  • review rating

    I contacted this company to remove over a yard of dirt from my driveway. Both of the workers were professional and did a good job. The job was challenging but they got it done! Great job!!

    Jeff Lee
  • review rating

    Im grateful I chose this company. They were friendly and super helful! Definitely exceeded my expectations. Would absolutely use them again!

    Nicole Starks
  • review rating

    Crandalle was wonderful and accommodating. They were able to complete a job the same day as I am closing on my home in a couple of days. Couldnt be more happy and will use their services again. Thanks a bunch.

    A Yahia Almuhtadi


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